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Our Family

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vacation 2005

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Some pictures from our 2005 vacation. We drove from Reno to Danville, Illinois in 3 days for a Wittig family reunion. Then we stopped along the way back in Wyoming, Utah and Nevada to do some camping and mountain climbing.


The Lincoln Monument, on the pass, on Inerstate 80 in Wyoming bettween Cheyenne and Laramie is at about  8000 ft. The first time I remember this place was in 1990 when I moved from Austin, Texas to Reno. I stopped in Danville, Illinois that trip to visit my grandparents and I then went to Reno on Interstate 80 and so found myself at the Lincoln Monument to the old Lincoln Highway. It was different then, no buildings, just the parking lot and some picknick tables. But now it's got a big heated and air conditioned building with a museum and bathrooms and a gift shop.


My dads driveway in Alvin, Illinois. Found: Julie Sheets, my long lost pen pal. Also pictured are her daughters Ashley and Kelsey the girl on the far right.


I'm still trying to figure out how to label this picture.


Steven and Angel, Medicine Bow peak, Wyoming is in the background.


Brother Michael and myself. Behind us is Wheeler peak.


On the summit of Wheeler Peak, at 13,063 ft. A respectable day climb. Me and my brother Michael on my left, or your right.


Michael on the way back down.


Camping in Lamoie Canyon in Eastern Nevada. From here Michael and his family go North to Juneau Alaska where they live, and for us, we're almost home now, just about another 5 hour drive.

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