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Our Family

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On top of Wheeler Peak 13,063 ft. I'm the one in the levi jacket and wide brimmed hat and that's my brother Michael to my left.


Levenworth, Washington in August 2003. We were there having a family reunion. Pictured left to right: Robert Lee Wittig, my dad, Michael Lee Wittig, my brother, Robert Russel Wittig, my granddaddy and me, Robert Kevin Wittig.


I have a lot of hobies. One of my hobbies is ham radio. You can see some of my gear in the picture behind me. I also like to play the guitar.

Not yet 1 and I'm ready to take up photography! Pictured here are my dad my granddad and me, about 1960 in my mom and dad's first house.


My dad got a new video camera that also takes digital still pictures and here is one of the many that he took on our Levenworth, Washington family reunion. I'm sitting in a pizza place.



1997 or so in my back yard.


In the hills over Lemmon Valley where I live, just a few miles north of Reno.


Darlin' and I up at the site of the old Stateline fire lookout over Lake Tahoe. The fire lookout is gone now, but when I first moved to Reno in 1990 there was a building here.

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